Tech School Enrollment #24 Conclusion!


And there we are loyal readers, the conclusion of Shawn, Frank, and Mary in Tech School Enrollment. Thank you for reading!

Now we look to the future. It saddens me to announce Shawn, Frank, and Mary is going on a indefinite hiatus. The time it takes to produce this strip has taken it’s toll. Missing updates is something I hate to do. So I plan to shelve Shawn, Frank, and Mary. But it’s not all bad news. I plan to collect all 124 strips and turn them into a book. I’ll have more info on that later on.

If you do need your Tim comic goodness. Fear not. You can always read my autobiographical comic strip Stars on the Ceiling. And coming soon my new project, The Adventures of Darwin Forge, Monster Hunter, will be debuting October 31. So check that out!

In conclusion, thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed this strip and I will see you in the future.


Art Auction #30


Thus ends another story. Thanks for sticking around. Also this is my 100th Shawn, Frank, and Mary Comic! Congrats to me.

Now it’s time to talk about the future. Usually when I finish up a series I take 4 weeks as a break. But I’m taking 8 weeks this time for break and working on the next series. That means the thieving trio will be back July 10th. See you guys then.

Antique Show #24


Thus Ends Antique Show! Thanks to you for reading. Stay tuned to find out about the next adventure for Shawn, Frank, and Mary!