Art Auction #30


Thus ends another story. Thanks for sticking around. Also this is my 100th Shawn, Frank, and Mary Comic! Congrats to me.

Now it’s time to talk about the future. Usually when I finish up a series I take 4 weeks as a break. But I’m taking 8 weeks this time for break and working on the next series. That means the thieving trio will be back July 10th. See you guys then.


Art Auction #29


Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the final comic. So we shall conclude this story next Tuesday. See you there!

Art Auction #27 and #28


I wanted to end the series on time so I took to drawing the comic by hand with limited edits on the computer(I forgot how much of a pain using a mouse for art was). I’m gonna finish out this story this way. Most likely in the future redo the comics.

There are two more left. Stay tuned folks.