Series 4 “Art Auction” premier!

Hello loyal readers. I proud to announce that on January 23rd I give you:Shawn, Frank, and Mary in Art Auction.

I’m excited for you guys to see it. So tune in next tuesday! See you then!


“Book Fair” premieres next week!!!

The wait will soon be over loyal readers! Next tuesday will launch the new season of Shawn, Frank, and Mary!!! See you guys then!


Series 3 “Book Fair” release date and Retro Con this weekend!

This weekend I’ll be selling my prints and comics at Retro Con in Oaks PA! Follow the link for more details!

And 3 weeks from today, October 24th, series 3 of Shawn, Frank, and Mary “Book Fair” will begin! So keep your eyes out!

See you all at Retro Con!